Rječina mountain river in spring​/​summer

by Ivo Vicic



Rječina is an abundant, fast, strong, karst, mountain river of a relatively short stream but - at the same time - the one which enables you to experience total strength of a mountain river, the strength of water.
Its stream is full of loud noise and hum, partly owing to its steep, stoney bed full of waterfalls, rapids and cascades. The width of its canyon at some points surpasses one kilometer, while at others it is very narrow, even under 10 meters. Its distinctive sound is first and foremost loud noise. Its sound is not as soft as in some more laid-down, slower mountain river, it is mostly a harsh sound of a fast mountain river full of canyons and rapids. Nevertheless, at some points it flows with more laid-down current and the sound in these parts is softer and pleasant.
One of the features of this river is that - at its very end - it flows through the city which was named after it, the city of Rijeka ("rijeka" in English means - river) and here it flows into Adriatic Sea. Flowing for centuries along with its numerous branches, it meant life for this city, having great importance for development of life down its shores.
This "Nature album" consists of numerous recordings done down the stream of the river in a period longer than 3 years. The recordings chosen for the album have been mixed very carefully and in the end - this album is an uninterrupted story about this river through the year. That story is divided into two albums: "Rječina mountain river in spring/summer" and "Rječina mountain river in autumn/winter", due to its too large total length. I have also paid attention to the sequence of story so that it starts from the river's source downstream, which means that the recordings have been also compiled with reference to the location of recording and not only regarding part of the year.
I believe that in these recordings I've managed to capture "the spirit", the nature of this river and that you will enjoy this sound-story, the story about strength of water.
This is a high quality recording originally recorded, edited and mixed at 24bit 96kHz resolution. Recorded with finest audio field equipment.


released November 6, 2013



all rights reserved


Ivo Vicic Rijeka, Croatia

Sound recordist, wildlife sound recordist and music producer.
Ivo has been recording natural sounds for many years now and his portfolio includes sounds for documentaries, ambient music, art installations sound backgrounds, etc. He is also on location sound recordist on demand. He lives in Croatia, whose natural beauties and wildlife are still mostly intact. ... more

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