1. Sounds of the sea - Ambisonic, Immersive Audio

  2. Mountain River in Spring

  3. Forest wonders vol​.​3

  4. Forest wonders vol.2

  5. Forest wonders vol.1

  6. Mountain Slopes in Spring

  7. Mountain valley in summer evening, soundscape

  8. Early spring, selected recordings

  9. Evening in mountain forest, early spring

  10. Thunderstorm over mountain plateau

  11. Red Deer, the beginning of roaring season

  12. Thunderstorm

  13. Red deer, Roaring

  14. Nocturnal soundscapes

  15. Water Cycle - The Story of Water

  16. The Voice of the Stream

  17. Dawn Chorus - Mountain valley

  18. Dawn Chorus, May 2017

  19. Bora wind in forest

  20. Frozen lake

  21. High voltage power lines on Bora wind

  22. Dawn chorus 2017.

  23. Underwater

  24. Sound exhibition (Udine, Italy): Mountain region

  25. Sound exhibition: Sound of the sea in natural environment

  26. Sound exhibition: Sound of the sea in urban environment

  27. River in Spring Forest

  28. Summer thunderstorm on the mountain plain

  29. Thunderstorm in mountain forest

  30. Mountain Meadow in Spring

  31. Bora Wind Binaural

  32. Binaural recordings in spring

  33. Binaural soundscape in spring

  34. Stream and River - Binaural recordings

  35. Seaside

  36. Calm Sea

  37. Restless Mediterranean Sea, Sirocco

  38. The sounds of Rough sea on Bora wind

  39. Volosko by night Northern Mediterranean soundscape

  40. Phonography

  41. Warm front in mountain forest - Natural soundscape

  42. Dawn Chorus 2016.

  43. Mountain meadow - Natural soundscape

  44. Horses, free pasture

  45. Rječina mountain river in autumn/winter

  46. Rječina mountain river in spring/summer

  47. Bora wind in winter

  48. CRNA MLAKA in Autumn

  49. CRNA MLAKA in Spring

  50. Inside Beehive

  51. Mountain pasture

  52. Summer Thunderstorm

  53. Dawn Chorus, Rijeka, Croatia


Ivo Vicic Rijeka, Croatia

Sound recordist, wildlife sound recordist and music producer.
Ivo has been recording natural sounds for many years now and his portfolio includes sounds for: documentaries, ambient music, art installations sound backgrounds, etc. His field recordings are included in British library catalogue. He is also on location sound recordist on demand. He lives in Croatia. ... more

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